If you are looking to organise a fun day or evening for your youth group, we have some great news!

ArcSports offers special packages for youth groups in Perth. Whether your youth group is a community group, a church or a faith-based group, we can cater a fully equipped, safe, archery tag event that your youth will never forget.

Safety is our priority and we have foam-tipped arrows and safety masks and we provide safety instructions and guidelines so that everyone is fully equipped and educated for fun and an exciting time of archery games and archery tag.

We have inflatable archery ranges, bows, foam-padded arrows, safety masks and more. With less mess than paint-balling, less pain if you get hit, it is also more mobile and less expensive than you would think.

Archery Tag is also a great activity for scouting groups, girl guides, cadets, cubs and other youth groups.

Contact us today for more details.

youth group archery tag, perth